Issue 13

Cast in Sand

by Carol Clark

The Suitcase

by Patricia Poteat


by Rachel Stein

Seventy Hours

by Norma Bradley


by Nancy Mill

The Emerald Parrot

by Alice L. Gregory

Digressional in the Confessional

by Jane Mary Curran


by Bronwyn Pellatt

Milosz to Mitchell and On

by Stephanie Biziewski

The Storm of April 2011

by Erin Weber Boss

The Shortcut

by Susan Coyle


by Martha Jane Petersen

Two Poems

by Ila Seltzer

The Artful Truth

by Elizabeth Lutyens, Editor in Chief

Two Poems

by Kathy Weisfeld

Dear Mom

by Susan Rothlein

Through the Window

by Starlina Rose

from Pieces of Annie

by Stacey Crowley

Writing and Real Estate

by Maggie Marshall

from Great Smoke

by Billie Harper Buie